Check-list & Requirements

Below is information on what is and isn't required, and what you have ready for install date

What's Included

Everything below is included with the standard prices on our website - no need to worry about any of the following!

New System

You get a brand new system including the indoor and outdoor unit, guaranteed and installed professionally. As standard, the systems are set to 11C or can be set lower for other applications (please contact us for details)

Removal & Disposal

If accessible, all old systems are removed and disposed of in the correct manor and in line with FGas regulations. We only remove systems in the location where a new system is being installed on a 1:1 basis

Up-to 10m Pipe Run

Up to a 10m pipe run between units or up to 20m if there is an existing pipe run. We require a cleared and plotted route, but we can drill x2 65mm diameter holes, up to 500mm deep for the pipe run (exuding solid stone, re-enforced wall or >5mm Metal)

Supply To Mains up to 2m

Supply To a mains powers supply up to 2m from the indoor unit (or re-utilise any existing supply). Please note that we don't supply the mains supply to the unit (see below)

Overflow up to 2m

Overflow (to remove condensate water from indoor unit) up to 2m from the indoor unit (or re-utilise any existing overflow). This can be to a external wall, drain or a suitable container.

Lifting/ working up to 3m

We are equipped as standard with lifting equipment, platforms, ladders and suitable PPE to enable us to work and lift at a height up to 3m. This includes getting onto roofs up to 3m from the ground

What's Required

The following is required to be in place for the system, and is your responsibility to have suitable provisions in place

Suitable Room

The room should be within the size of the specified system, be void of any windows (or windows blocked) and have solid doors that remain closed to avoid heat gains.

Indoor/ Outdoor Location

A location is required for both the condenser & evaporator with dimensions available on request. The evaporator requires a solid wall, or a solid ceiling and the condenser a level ground or solid wall.

A Cleared Area

It helps us if an areas where we are working is cleared of obstetrical, such as beer barrels, drinks on shelves where the pipes will run and any items in the way of the doorways we need access to

Planning Permission

If a new install, and depending on the location of the unit and the requirements in your area, you may need to apply for planning. We can pass all system details required for any application

Pipe Run Route

You should plot and clear the pipe run before any install date, or locate the pipe run of any existing system making note of any issues, and that the run is within the 10m distance

Mains Supply

We require a mains electrical supply within 2 metres of the indoor unit or we can re-utilise any existing supply. It is your responsibility to be sure any supply is safe and to correct standards.

What's Extra/Optional

The following is required to be in place for the system, and is your responsibility to have suitable provisions in place

Longer Pipe Run

Pipe runs that are over 10m (or over 20m if existing system) are charged extra to account for the addition material and labour. We can provide a quote for such situations

Condensate Pump

If there is no location for drainage in the room, we can add a "Condensate Pump" and run a drain with the pipe run to a suitable drainage point. Price on application

Condenser Cage

If you are concerned that the condenser is vulnerable to vandalism, we can place a security cage around the unit to protect from tampering. Price on application