About your install

VOLLAND Cellar Cooling

All old systems are removed in the correct standard in line with FGas regulations, including recovering the refrigerant, decommissioning the unit and dispose of both in the correct manner.

Neat, Sturdy & Tidy

All units placed level on the floor using condenser blocks, or secured to a wall via cantilever arms with pipework neatly placed between indoor to outdoor unit. We take pride in every install

Commissioned Correctly

All systems are leaked tested, and vacuum to industry and manufacturer standards. Both vital steps to ensure efficient and reliable systems

Installation done right

We put pride into every install, to give you a reliable and efficient system. With every sale of a cellar cooling system comes a full installation and commission. We take great pride in our installations; we don't take short-cuts in our installs, with every install getting the same treatment as the last.


All installations are carried out by 2 qualified and competent engineers, who complete most install on a single day within 5 hours.
We come equipped with a core drill suitable for drilling up to two 65mm diameter holes (up to 500mm deep) through standard construction material. In other situations, we ask that you plot the route and arrange the drilling of holes prior to install.
We come equipped with a telescopic hoist that can lift up to 3m for either mounting a unit onto a wall at that hight or onto a roof. Likewise, we can also remove systems using teh same hoist up to this height. Any scenarios where lifting is required above 4m may need lifting arrangements on the install date.
Possible dates and times will be discussed prior to any order. Our turnaround time is typically within 5 working days during autumn and winter months, and within 10 working days during the spring and summer months.
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You’re in good company

With thousands of install carried out across the country you're in good hands with VOLLAND.