Our Price-list

Our simple price list covers most scenarios, and our FAQs (scroll down) should help with any questions. Click on any system for more information. For everything else, or any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Supply, Install & Removal
Indicated price includes supply of a new system, the installation of the system and the removal of any existing system (unless, in the rare event, the removal is unviable)
Pipe run up to 7m
Indicated price includes replacing any existing pipework (or may be reused if appropriate) up to 7 metres where there is an available and defined route
Prices includes nationwide install with only surcharges for some parts of London, Cornwall, Devon, Wales & Scotland (For further information and prices, click here)

Above Ground

Below Ground

Insulated Room

£ 1,795 + VAT
£ 2,095 + VAT
£ 2,495 + VAT
£ 2,695 + VAT
£ 2,995 + VAT


VOLLAND carry out installs nationwide, but on occasions are required to charge a surcharge due to travel costs. This is only applicable in London, Cornwall, West Wales & Scotland with all other areas free from any travel surcharge. Our Surcharge pricelist is located here

Depending on the actual pipe run, there may be a surcharge, or a different system required. Please use the "request quote" and provide details of your pipe run, and we'll get back with a tailor-made quote for you.
Trace the pipework either by stepping it out or using a tape measure between points. If a new system, this will be the distance from where the indoor unit will be placed to the outdoor unit. We completely understand that there will be some estimating involved and do have an element of tolerance on our end. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.
The area of your room in “metres squared” (m3) is simply the Width x Depth x Height. As an example, a room sized 3m wide, 2m Deep and 2m High would be 12m3. If you have an irregular sized room, we recommend using the widest points or feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.
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“Hi Guys. On behalf of Caterham Ex-serviceman’s Club, I would like to congratulate you on a first-class service you provided us at our utmost need. Very professional, organised & efficient from start to finish. I wish more companies could offer a service as you have I hope you had a safe journey back & will most definitely be recommending you to other clubs etc.”
Caterham Ex-serviceman’s Club
“At last, a company that the price is good, the job is good and done on time. The guys doing the job were excellent, had no problems and were very friendly”
Gin Rickey's, Chester
“Many thanks for the great job your company did. It was a pleasure to deal with you personally; you were great guys!”
Bernard Arms, Buckinghamshire
“A massive thank you for providing such a great service. Your price was excellent and to swap your jobs around to fit us in was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much, we really do appreciate it.”
Acle Social Club
“Thank you for installing our cellar cooling system as quick as you could. It is working extremely well and was very pleased with your service. We will definitely recommend.”
Great Eastern, Cheshire