Controller Manual

Most of our cellar cooling systems utilise the same Dixell controller with instructions below. If the controller shown in the picture is not the same as the controller on your cooler, please feel free to contact us
VOLLAND Cellar Cooling
  • Understanding your controller
  • The controller displays the room temperature as determined by the return air (behind the evaporator)
  • You may find slight variances in different parts of the room, and can adjust the temperature to suit (see below)
  • The controller has a 2C "differential" above the set temperature, so if set at 11C the cooler will switch on at 13C and then off at 11C. As such you will see the display a temperature within this range, but the product will maintain the set temperature. This is normal operation of all refrigerated appliance
  • Every 6 hours the display will activate a defrost mode to clear the coil of any frost. No manual defrost is required!
  • Setting the temperature on your controller
  • Step One - Press and hold "Set" for 3 seconds, then release. The display will show the set temperature and the "oC" will flash
  • Step Two - Use the "UP/DOWN" buttons to adjust the set temperature
  • Step Three - Press "Set" to confirm. The display will return to showing the room temperature, and the system will now maintain the set temperature