About the systems we install

VOLLAND Cellar Cooling

Using current technology, the systems are efficient providing low cost efficient cooling, and large savings against systems of yesteryear.


Systems that are provided by a manufacturers 3 year guarantee; a show of faith in the manufacturers equipment and reassurance for our customers

Established Manufacturers

Only J&E Hall, CellarStart & SlimLine* - Systems manufactured by established and reputable manufacturers with UK based service and spares


Galvanised mild steel casing with polyester powder coating interior units for easy cleaning.

Quiet External Units

External units with sound levels as low as 29dB so not to disturb your customers or your neighbours.

Stable Room Temperature

11C - 13C for traditional Cask recommend holding temperature, or down to 4C for the ever increasing popular keg

Digital Controller

All systems are provided with a comprehensive digital controller so you can monitor and adjust the room temperature


For larger rooms, a large interior fan motor to provide cooling in all corners of your room.

...or Compact & Silent

For smaller rooms, there is our own unique SlimLine option taking up less room and making less commotion with silent indoor operation.

Installing only the best

We only install quality systems manufactured by J&E Hall, CellarStar & VOLLAND SlimLine *. We have been doing so for the past ten years and have found that these are the best cellar cooling systems available on the market.
* SlimLine is a name used by VOLLAND Ltd to describe a compact indoor unit - the condenser is manufactured by Marstair and the indoor unit is Manufactured by VOLLAND Ltd.


Standard systems required the condenser to be situated outside, but where this is not possible we have bespoke systems that can be situated indoors with the hot air extracted outside. For more information, please check out our Bespoke Units page
Our SlimLine system is best suited for small rooms sized up to 25m3, perfect for small micropubs, domestic rooms or any environment where larger systems are simply too big. For extremely small spaces we can offer a bespoke system that will be built specifically to your space; for more information, please check out our Bespoke Units page
The systems are amongst the most efficient on the market, and considerably cheaper to run than older systems thanks to newer technology. Actual costs are dependent on room construction, size and other heat loads in the room. To improve efficiency, we recommend that you improve your room, such as adding insulation or removing heat sources
All our systems are suitable for domestic use such as a wine cellar or home beer cellar. Our SlimLine option is especially well suited domestic use as it makes less commotion and takes up less area in your room.
For standard systems, we only install J&E Hall and CellarStar systems. We opt to stock these 2 different manufactures as they individually suit different installs, but with both having a proven record for element reliability and efficiency. For other non-standard systems (SlimLine & Bespoke) we have a small selection of manufactures, alongside than J&E Hall and CellarStar systems, that we use depending on which manufacturer has the best option for the project. If you would like to request a specific manufacturer for your install, please feel free to add this request when you contact us
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